AppStream, I did it in 2008

It’s the same old story. A stupid has an intuition, the smart comes and steals the idea. The stupid keeps struggling trying to make a living, the smart wins prizes and zillions of $ (best case).

In this case, the stupid is me, and the smartest guys are these.

Exactly four years ago, even before Apple AppStore, Android Market and Nokia Ovi. I had the intuition that applications should have been brought to users with some “content” generated directly by other users. I called this “the Web 2.0 of software”. I’ve been able to implement some of my ideas, thanks to NLnet funds, wrote package, wrote the “UGC” part of But when I tried to push the idea to the wild wild², I only got cold feedback.

This happens when you’re nobody, cannot count on offshore money, and are probably too young.

This is the life, they say. We will for sure support AppStream, anyway.


About lxnay

the creator of Sabayon Linux, Entropy Package Manager {Eit, Equo, Rigo}, Molecule release media buildsystem, Matter Portage buildbot/tinderbox and only God knows what else...

3 responses to “AppStream, I did it in 2008

  1. You’re leaps ahead of me — I cannot code, so all of my good ideas go nowhere. Wanna team up? I’ve got good ideas, just no way to write them.

    Part of your idea not happening may also have been the ‘climate’ at the time, or perhaps the devs of PackageKit had enough going on that they couldn’t take your idea as well. Who knows. At least you’re supporting the new AppStream anyway, and you’re not bitter.

  2. brunoro

    Judd Vinet did it a long long long time ago with Arch Linux rock solid package management system, with pacman + ABS + AUR (

    Anyways, I think this is a great advance on Linux standards, but we shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. Really great and flexibles package management systems like pacman/ABS/AUR should be considered in the place of some crappy and bloated meta-data XML stuff (who uses XML these days, anyway?)

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