Sabayon “App Store”, abbr: Entropy Store. Ain’t that something?

So ladies (and gentlemen, but mostly ladies). After four years of hard work on Entropy (the Sabayon Package Manager). I’ve been able to deploy what, even before Apple AppStore, Google Market, etc etc, I had in mind, and that’s not all (anyway).

What do we have here then? Friday night I had the magic intuition: how can I provide click-and-install “executables” for a so-fragmented world like the FLOSS one? On a rolling distro, even? Where a dependency graph complexity could eat you in just one bite? So, the magic word is “metadata embedding”. I won’t discuss the internal details here (have a look at the Entropy git repo log and you’ll get it), but rather focusing on the WOW thing. So, I’ve been able to pack up into a very small space (~1mb), up to 300-400 packages metadata (flattened dep graph). The result? The ability to install Sabayon applications (for Sabayon-based systems only, of course) via, the online “Entropy Store”.

Yeah, clicky links called “Install (beta)”, on a rolling Linux distro. Ain’t that something?

Next step would be figuring out if it would be possible to poll the local Entropy installed packages repository from a web browser. But that would turn into a security matter and Javascript limitations (I would like to avoid to use/write of any flash/java applet).

Next milestone (after 5.5 XFCE, LXDE, E17, OpenVZ, ServerBase releases of course): a Web-based Sabayon releases (ISO images) generator. How about this?


About lxnay

the creator of Sabayon Linux, Entropy Package Manager {Eit, Equo, Rigo}, Molecule release media buildsystem, Matter Portage buildbot/tinderbox and only God knows what else...

4 responses to “Sabayon “App Store”, abbr: Entropy Store. Ain’t that something?

  1. mariusz

    Oh, that’s quite nice feature:) But I’m looking forward for mentioned web-based releases generator – that would be something really, really nice:) Thanks for all that hard work!

  2. ferringb

    Guessing I’m missing something about your metadata you’re storing here- compressed Packages for example for 1766 packages is 150k down from 1.05M for me.


  3. .etp files contain an sqlite3 db compressed using bz2. the sqlite3 db file contains a “packages repository” that can be read by entropy (it’s in fact, an entropy repository file). The whole stuff is embedded into a shell script (as payload) so that you can even just execute the .etp this way: “sh file.etp”, etc. just get an .etp file and open it. There is still room for improvements in there (mktemp and payload position detection will be removed, perhaps)

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