Sabayon 6, Entropy 1, a new Era is about to come

It’s been some time since my last blog post, but if you’re a Sabayon user, you may know that I’ve been busy with a lot of stuff lately. Entropy eventually entered the final Beta phase: API documentation is complete, Entropy Services infrastructure has been rewritten from scratch taking advantage from the best communication protocol ever invented: HTTP (and JSON as “data format”), Sulfur eventually got its awaited speed boost (1.0_beta15), has been deployed, will follow, Python 2.7 is now the default, same for GCC 4.5, and Entropy in general is as rock solid (and fast) as ever in all its 300.000+ lines of code, millions of line changes, that I’ve been able to work out in 4 years. You know, when you’re 20 you think everything is possible. Well, this time I was right and we can, today, all enjoy the most advanced and crazy package manager ever written by a single human being.

Regarding what people worry about, Sabayon 6 will be our next release version and is scheduled for July, you may already know that we don’t like fixed release dates: we prefer the “it’s done when it’s done” approach. Sabayon 6 will be shipped with Entropy 1 and package updates will be delivered to you via our upcoming new build server (which is going to replace our current one), a Bi-Octa AMD Opteron 6128 system with 48GB RAM. But wait! We still need your donations, actually, we’ll have to deploy this beast with cheapo 750GB RAID1 SATA drives, waiting for more cash to come in order to be able to buy a couple of SSD drives.

Beside these tech details, expect even more “stable bleeding edgeness” in Sabayon 6. A new Era is about to come, and it’s all thanks to your donations.


About lxnay

the creator of Sabayon Linux, Entropy Package Manager {Eit, Equo, Rigo}, Molecule release media buildsystem, Matter Portage buildbot/tinderbox and only God knows what else...

15 responses to “Sabayon 6, Entropy 1, a new Era is about to come

  1. Noname

    Hope Sabayon 6 will have KDE 4.7 on board

  2. So do you have Gnome 3.0 slated for Sabayon 6 ?

  3. Miggs

    I don’t get it. “Sabayon 6 will be our next release version”? Isn’t Sabayon rooling?

    • Gasp

      Even rollers have milestones.

    • Exactly what Gasp says.

      If you don’t issue periodic snapshots of a rolling distribution, when someone new comes along and wants to install it from a LiveCD/DVD, (s)he would have to use a LiveCD/DVD that is way out of date and then do a huge upgrade to roll up to the current versions of all the packages in the repository.

      By issuing a recent snapshot of the rolling distribution on the Sabayon Linux 6 LiveCD/DVD, performing a rolling upgrade shortly after installation would not pull hundreds of upgraded packages down to your PC, since most of the packages you installed from the recent LiveCD/DVD would still be up-to-date.

      If you were to install from the Sabayon 6 LiveCD/DVD six months after it is released, many packages in the the Entropy repository would have newer versions. So, if you were to roll from the installed Sabayon 6 you would pull hundreds of packages.

      So it makes perfect sense to release a LiveCD/DVD of a rolling distribution from time to time, to make life easy for newcomers who want to install the distribution for the first time, or for existing users who want to re-format their HDD and reinstall the distribution.

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  5. capiatainecaverne

    please no gnome3 🙂 and i think something is it possible to make the choice betwin gnome 2 and gnome 3 and can you make a new theme for e17

  6. Anon

    Don’t buy SSD, that stuff crashes too fast

  7. Anon

    +, remove gnome 3. Make distro KDE oriented

  8. Kushagra

    Please gnome 3 at least optional. 🙂

    What about picture previews in sulphur.

  9. theif519

    I personally think you should give people a choice between GNOME2.3 and GNOME3. I hate GNOME3, but if the new distros offered CHOICE *Which is what Linux is all about* between GNOME2 and GNOME3, I’d definitely consider most. Now I have to cross out majority of the distributions using GNOME3, which is most these days. I wouldn’t mind using KDE if I set it back to classic and moved the toolbar to the top instead of the bottom and had Docky, then it would be just like GNOME2

  10. Sabayon 6 is here, I tested it and I love it! Nice post.

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