Sabayon 6, is it coming this week?

No, No, No. We don’t have GNOME 3, sorry. It’s still not yet ready for prime time, I don’t even understand why Fedora pushed it that much, it looks like they don’t have enough consideration towards their users… poor them!

So, more or less, we’ll be able to push the first two (four) Sabayon 6 releases this week, with a lot of exciting things.
Having Gentoo as upstream is really amazing, Sabayon 6 will demonstrate you how “good” both projects are.

Stay tuned 😉


About lxnay

the creator of Sabayon Linux, Entropy Package Manager {Eit, Equo, Rigo}, Molecule release media buildsystem, Matter Portage buildbot/tinderbox and only God knows what else...

9 responses to “Sabayon 6, is it coming this week?

  1. Fedora never had consideration for casual user. I tried to switch to fedora for a long time, but I always encounter hard points with selinux and the network administration. Only a Red Hat degree can help me? NO I switched before to Gentoo and after to Sabayon with a lot of satisfation. Thank you very much for Sabayon KDE.

  2. Come on! Are you out of your mind? the fact that Fedora has added gnome3 before all of otheres linux distros does not mean that they have no consideration for user. Even because if you use Fedora, you’d know that You can use the classic Gnome on Fedora 15. Of course, Gnome3 is very differente from classical Gnome. Its a question of choice, You use it or not. I’ve been using gnome3 since fedora 14, on beta version.
    If you don’t understand Y fedora has add Gnome3, try to use it.
    Maybe You’ll change Ur mind.
    Do you wanna know what is don’t have consideration for users? it’s plan to stop support to x86_32bit architecture. May be the users leave to use sabayon and start use any other, or even the Fedora. Poor Sabayon users, abbandoned by Sabayon development…
    This is have no “consideration for casual user”.

  3. GNOME3 on FC15 looks kinda broken and it’s not even fairly feature complete.
    Nobody here has planned to drop nor deprecate x86. Go away, fanboy.

  4. Vinny Parker: Fedora always includes the latest releases of software deemed stable by their respective developers, whether it’s stable or not. Sabayon takes a different approach. They try to make a distro that works well out of the box. No need to criticize a distro–they all have their own targets they want to hit.

  5. Fedora does what RedHat wants in the end. We do what our users want, and the feedback I got from them is that GNOME3 ain’t ready yet.

  6. Merax

    KDE 4 also has been used in some distributions quickly “stable ver.”, but it was wiser to wait for more stable and debugged version. With GNOME3 is the same.

  7. Bago

    So when it’s gonna happen?

  8. Will the Xfce version be released soon, as well? Sabayon with Xfce absolutely flies, even on an old machine.

  9. I agree with Lxnay. Not only Gnome 3 is not ready but it’s also good for Smartphones and not for real computers.

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