We have to let GNOME2 go…

Some, maybe several of you won’t like it. But the time for GNOME2 is slowly coming. We expect to start upgrading our build chroots to GNOME3 in a week and push all the stuff to sabayon-limbo Entropy testing repository to iron out the migration path, fixup artwork, etc. Mainline users won’t be probably affected for another good month, but after that, the hell will freeze over and everybody will get the oh-so-cute-to-run-in-failsafe-mode GNOME3 “Desktop”.

We will try to make the migration as much comfortable as possible. We have to let GNOME 2.32 go to its destiny. R.I.P.


About lxnay

the creator of Sabayon Linux, Entropy Package Manager {Eit, Equo, Rigo}, Molecule release media buildsystem, Matter Portage buildbot/tinderbox and only God knows what else...

15 responses to “We have to let GNOME2 go…

  1. gav

    i love waking up to good news

    (no sarcasm)

  2. I’ve been using the GNOME overlay (together with the systemd overlay) since April. I say is damn time to move it to the official tree.

  3. Man, do we really have to?!?!

    It’s very disappointing to hear of the “forced” transition–GNOME3 is just a nightmare and feels more like it was intended as a phone OS. I had GNOME3 running on both openSUSE and Fedora and it’s just not usable. As a desktop environment it just doesn’t give me the power to do what I need to do. It feels like a GIANT step backwards. Even with all the extensions and tweaks, it still blows.

    It’s too bad we can’t just keep GNOME2 and enjoy a beautiful, usable workspace. A lot of people have been saying to use XFCE, but it just isn’t the same (or nearly as pretty).

    I agree with your comments about GNOME3 back on July 8th…

    Again, do we have to?!?



  4. Good, I’ve been wanting to try Sabayon for a while now but I for one actually quite like Gnome 3 (currently using Fedora). Maybe you’ll gain a user and supporter with this switch

  5. Just booted up GNOME3 again. My god it’s terrible…even in fallback mode.

  6. AmitN

    but after customizing it it is not as much terrible man
    extensions make it usable enough

  7. Just tried Kororaa Linux with GNOME3 and it’s tweaked with extensions, icons on desktop, etc. It’s still terrible. I showed it to my wife and she put down the laptop and said “I can’t use this!”. Lol.

    Unfortunately, that is the truth. It’s just not usable.

    Phone OS’s are having a negative impact on desktop environments. We’re moving backwards…

  8. Sorcerer

    Awesome news ! I’ve been using gnome3+gnome-shell (using the gnome-overlay) for several months now, and really happy with it. Really good news it will become available via entropy soon !

  9. Yep, I agree with this decision. The only reason why GNOME 3 is not in the tree yet is because neither eva nor I have been able to find time to move it to the tree. Tetromino is taking good care of it in the overlay for the time being.

  10. also for me, i dont enjoy. heavy, not good 3D effects , not cool (have many clicks) etc… Without Compiz, is also a bad thing, but
    i agree with the fabio decision, unfortunatelly, the migration is necessary for a serious Rolling Release Distro.
    GNOME3 is the future.
    I suggested to Sabayon mantain some ISOs or 32 and 64 bits, with not updatable GNOM2, for people that not want GNOME3.

  11. I like to know good knews. I agree with @alfneto, Gnome3 it’s the future, but I miss compiz 3D effects. But its the future. Gnome 2.32 RIP

  12. tekwyzrd

    UNFORTUNATELY gnome3 is the future in the same way as kde4. Like it or not, the devs in charge have plans. Unfortunately they’re out of touch with most users with the exception of a very vocal minority comprised of the very laziest and unintelligent linux users who are unable or unwilling to learn. They want things dumbed down to a point where they’re crippled for many users who do want options and are willing to take the time to learn. I dread future versions of both.

  13. So where do we go from here? LXDE? There aren’t many more options.

  14. bullshit!!! gnome is open source. is no dev here who can continue gnome 2???

  15. “I had no trouble and was happy but once I updated my Gentoo…” (c) russian saying
    Oh dudes, it’s already in the official repos and it’s damn terrible. My intel videochip (GMA 945i) just doesn’t support gnome shell and it ran into fallback mode that isn’t useful at all (and very slow on my both laptops configurations). So I had to reinstall Sabayon 6 after global system update as I found no way to rollback to gnome 2.32.
    It seems to me that gnome developers just forgot that there are tons of computers with Intel GMA’s, 1,2 GHz CPUs and 1GB of RAM.
    I think it’s wise to register at Sabayon forum and collect the petition for the maintainers to keep gnome 2.32 legacy packages along with gnome 3. As we see from Fedora and Arch experience, this _is_ possible.
    Is there any way to prevent the entire gnome subsystem from updating while allowing another packages to update? If no, I’d rather prefer not to update at all. I’ve used Arch without updates for months and nothing terrible happened. 😀
    Don’t suggest using XFCE or LXDE – I’m using LXDE on Arch on another laptop and I feel I miss the integration of gnome2, that’s why I downloaded Sabayon 6 Gnome edition. It’s very pretty, stable and useful – it contains everything average user would need out of the box – but this update spoilt everything.

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