is supporting Sabayon

I am very excited to inform you guys, that the number of production servers powering the whole Sabayon Linux infrastructure has grown once more.

This time it’s all about the Top-ix Consortium which is going to host our main Entropy and ISO mirror very very soon (the migration is in process right now). The same Consortium kindly donated a powerful Intel Xeon Quad Core system with 4GB RAM, quite enough for the expected load. Thanks to this, we’ll be able to reinforce and aiming to make our users happier.

So, thanks to Top-ix and their Development Program. But still, don’t forget to donate us, we need your support!


About lxnay

the creator of Sabayon Linux, Entropy Package Manager {Eit, Equo, Rigo}, Molecule release media buildsystem, Matter Portage buildbot/tinderbox and only God knows what else...

2 responses to “ is supporting Sabayon

  1. Raman

    Great news 🙂

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